➤ As a company, we adopt an environmentally conscious approach and place our environmental policy at the center of all our activities. Our environmental policy focuses on supporting environmental sustainability, protecting natural resources and minimizing our environmental impacts.

➤ We adopt the following principles to realize our environmental policy:

➤ Legal Compliance: Our top priority is to fully comply with the relevant environmental legislation and comply with all legal requirements. We take the necessary measures to carry out our activities in accordance with environmental regulations and standards.

➤ Resource Efficiency: We are constantly striving to optimize the use of energy and raw materials, and to reduce the amount of waste and emissions. We aim to use resources more effectively by using efficient production processes and innovative technologies.

➤ Waste Management: We follow appropriate procedures for the proper collection, transportation, recycling or disposal of waste. We work to reduce the amount of waste and encourage recycling.

➤ Managing Environmental Risks: We assess environmental risks, take precautions and create contingency plans. We aim to ensure the safety of our employees and the environment by constantly monitoring and auditing to prevent possible environmental accidents.

➤ Awareness and Training: We regularly organize programs to raise awareness and train our employees about their environmental responsibilities. We encourage employees to act in accordance with our environmental policy.

➤ Supplier Relations: We prefer to work with suppliers that support environmental sustainability. We prefer suppliers that have high environmental performance and comply with sustainability principles in our supply chain.